San Diego Hoarding Cleanup Services

San Diego Hoarding Cleanup ServicesAlmost everyone knows of a hoarder. Loosely speaking, a hoarder is someone who compulsively collects and keeps things to the point where their house is rendered non-functional because of the accumulated clutter. Some people like to keep things because it has sentimental value, and some people like to buy things in excess when they are on sale; these are not hoarders. You are a hoarder when the things you keep is so vast that your environment has become a danger. It could be the danger of slipping or having items fall on to you, or it could be a health danger because there is so much junk that you can’t even really clean the place. If you are a hoarder or know a hoarder who needs help cleaning up, then call Steven’s Hauling for San Diego hoarding cleanup services.

When you or someone you know is ready to clean up and get a fresh start in life, give us a call. We will sit down with you and discuss how we will clean up. The first part about cleaning up is to accept that you will need to throw some things away. Some of the items under the clutter may be valuable and should be kept. We are considerate and sensitive individuals and we will not trash everything indiscriminately. Make an appointment with us, we will look at the situation and devise a plan of action.

Safe and Thorough Cleanup Services

No two hoarder are the same, though they do share commonalities. How we clean up clutter will depend if it is “just a stack of newspaper and magazines” or if the clutter involves rotting food and animal feces/urine. To be sure, it is unpleasant work, but we have personal safety protection and equipment so that we can do the job effectively and safely.

We provide San Diego hoarding cleanup services in San Diego County and surrounding areas including: Alpine, Chula Vista, Del Mar, El Cajon, 4S Ranch, Lakeside, La Jolla, La Mesa, Lemon Grove, Otay, Poway, Rancho San Diego, Rancho Bernardo, San Diego, Santee, Spring Valley and more. You deserve a new start: please contact us for consultation and a no-obligation, free quote: (619) 249-0560.